Rae Louise. Unconvincingly 23. INFJ. Comfortable with bi or pan. Cis. She/her pronouns. Liverpool. Photographer.

anti-oppression, best friends, affection, all sorts of music, British tv/cinema, literature, adventures, history, museums, art galleries, pretty walks, tattoos, aggressive eyebrows, bold lips and big hair, plenty of tea or southern comfort, and some make believe.


I’ve been experimenting with bees and gold ink! Also my scanner crapped out, which is just as well because the ink looks better photographed than scanned.

That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.

read that, again.  (via hubbbaahubbbaa)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Alternate Scene

  1. Galadriel: Mithrandir, why the halfling?
  2. Gandalf: Why Bilbo Baggins?
  3. Galadriel: yeah
  4. Gandalf: I dunno. I thought it'd be funny
  5. Galadriel: haha it kinda is
  1. friend: how r u today?
  2. me: submarine soundtrack


Laure Prouvost
Idealy Here Would Be an Image Of You
Enamel paint on wooden panel
30 x 40 cm


"villain" characters in hp who are more interesting than severus snape:

-regulus black
-peter pettigrew (!!!)
-narcissa malfoy
-gellert grindlewald
-regulus black
-barty crouch jr.
-horace slughorn
-regulus black
-kreacher the house elf
-dolores umbridge
-regulus black


I don’t respect the military, I don’t respect the police, I don’t respect elected officials. I’m not gonna apologize for not supporting and respecting people who willingly partake in and benefit from oppressive, violent systems. 


I took a panoramic photo at a concert and lights changed in the middle of it. This is the result



First bath, and he enjoyed it. Can’t believe no one was put down a deposit on him yet.

He looks so surprised in the last picture haha


The Grand Budapest Hotel" in pink (dir. Wes Anderson)